BKYNDR is a platform with the superpower to bridge divides and advance humanKIND. We aim to stimulate pro-social behaviour through creativity, science, deep-tech and research. We offer tools, methods and experiences that help you walk in someone else’s shoes, boost your social and soft skills, empathy, compassion.


COVID-19 is dividing us. Many feel vulnerable and deceived. As a society, and as individuals, we need help to unite and heal. That’s why we have created a free online tool to help increase the understanding of each other’s perspectives and help bridge divides – to start click here.


We do not collect identifying information or other data from you in the survey for any other reason than: operating the online survey securely; processing your answers in order to deliver a result to you; aggregate your answers with other participants‘ answers for development of our survey and further research after they have been anonymized. However, we do track how many people have taken part in our survey and visited our website, entirely anonymously, through cookies only after you have given us your consent.

As regards the survey and the personal data that we collect and process within, including the processing of entirely anonymized answers and sociodemographic data, we apply high data ethical standards throughout in accordance with the guidelines set forth by The Open Data Institute and Vital Data Protect.

While processing any kind of personal data as well as anonymized data, we address the principles of data ethics at the following stages:

Stewarding data – collecting it, maintaining it and sharing it

Creating information from that data – in the form of products and services, analysis and insights, or stories and visualisations

Deciding what to do – informed by information from multiple sources along with experience and understanding


BKYNDR makes use of images that may contain copyrighted material. The European Parliament has stated that “… memes or GIFs can be shared freely”, and its copyright directive specifically exempts memes from being subject to copyright claims in the European Union. Furthermore, for the sake of education and exemplification regarding public opinion building, BKYNDR uses social media posts from persons in the public interest. This use is covered by according European Law as well.


BKYNDR brings together the brightest minds to help advance humanKIND. We work interdisciplinary, are science-driven, and believe in the power of the arts . Over the past couple of years, we have been able to attract fantastic partners and we have validated our concept with over 200 business leaders and policy makers. We are also thankful for the support we received from S+T+ARTS, an initiative of the European Commission to foster alliances between science, technology and the arts, and Mediafutures. MediaFutures is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme, under grant agreement number 951962.


See how we use your personal data, on which legal grounds and how you can control our use of your personal data and how you can object, in our privacy policy.